Zoe Pappenheimer is a freelance illustrator based in Northampton, Massachusetts, who specializes in illustrations for the fashion and beauty industries.

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I’ve always found a certain humor and absurdity in high-end fashion. Several years ago I started painting some of the outfits I was drawn to online, and adjusting them to be more wild and playful and also to reflect real bodies and gender fluidity. I love the transformative power of fashion to enable a body to go from masculine to feminine, conservative to punk, serious to playful. For me, fashion illustration is the best kind of play—it allows for creativity, fun and humor. My particular work celebrates body positivity and gender fluidity, which is not something that has not been prioritized in traditional fashion illustration. 


  • Chronicle Books
  • PJ Library
  • Company One Theater


Which do you prefer: cozy or glamourous? 
I love painting outfits that are over the top, so it's glamour all the way. The crazier the better. That said, I go for cozy when it comes to my own clothes!

What is your favorite fashion time period? 
I am so grateful to live during a time when it's not necessary to conform to strict fashion standards. Current fashion allows for self-expression in a way that was not true for a lot of society previously. Today we can find fashion that matches how we want to look, feel and identify, which is something to be celebrated. 

What brand do you admire most?
I don't follow major labels. I love browsing street style blogs and seeing how people mix and match and make outfits out of random finds. I have a particular love for vintage clothes brought back to life. 

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