Illustrators For Hire (IFH) is a curated list of freelance illustrators—from around the world—who specialize in various subject matters and have expertise with specific products and formats.


The freelance illustrators on IFH have a wide array of experiences, talents and specialized skills. Each one has expertise in a specific type of illustration, a demonstrated commitment to the field of illustration, and professional experience working with clients. Visitors who care to commission an illustration or communicate with an illustrator can contact them directly via the email address provided on the illustrator’s profile page.


Illustrators For Hire was founded in 2015 by the brother-and-sister illustration duo of Nate Padavick and Salli S. Swindell. The platform is a resource for building networks and making connections within the illustration community. IFH is not an agency—it is a free resource for art directors, creative directors, and illustration buyers who are looking to commission work from a professional freelance illustrator. Visit our FIND page to narrow down your search and find the perfect illustrator for your project.


To promote the freelance illustration businesses of its trusted members by displaying their experience and expertise within specific illustration niches.


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The website of Illustrators For Hire utilizes the key success factors of search engine optimization and the best practices of website design to effectively present the work of professional freelance illustrators. The site enables creative directors, art buyers, and illustration seekers worldwide to find the right illustrator with the right skills in the right location.


Salli S. Swindell and Nate Padavick are siblings who were born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. They have worked together as an illustration-and-design studio—under the name Studio SSS—since 2001. Salli is the right-brained, artsy older sister. Nate is the left-brained, nerdy baby brother.


Salli lives in Hudson, Ohio, a leafy little historic town southeast of Cleveland. She specializes in greeting card design and food illustration. Salli began her career in the mid 80s as line designer for American Greetings and has worked within the social expressions industry ever since. Salli manages the day-to-day promotional activities of IFH, while working on assignments that vary from greeting card design to book development to editorial illustration. She even creates artwork for popcorn tins! In her free time, she stays colorfully creative with her daily sketchbook practice and takes daily power walks through her leafy neighborhood. View Salli’s personal website.


Nate Padavick splits his time between New York City and Miami Beach. He specializes in map illustration and website design. Nate began his career in the early 90s as a systems consultant and transitioned into illustration and design in 2001, under the guidance of his sister Salli. Nate manages the operational aspects of IFH, while maintaining his map-centric illustration practice. In his free time, you’ll find him either biking along the beach in Miami or shopping the farmer’s market in New York. View Nate’s personal website.


Salli and Nate are also the co-founders of the illustration platforms THEY DRAW and The Illustrator’s Circle. THEY DRAW is a free platform on which anyone—professional illustrators, amateur artists, desktop doodlers—can share their food, travel, and garden illustrations. The Illustrator’s Circle is a creative playground where illustration lovers are drawn together to learn how to exercise their creativity, expand their imaginations, and inspire their innovations.

Thank you for being a part of the illustration community!

Nate & SalliCo-founders, siblings, and freelance illustrators

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