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What are the BENEFITS of membership?

Illustrators For Hire connects illustrators to a creative community, guides them on business best practices, and promotes them to creative directors and illustration buyers.
  • advertise your areas of expertise
  • stand out from the crowd of illustrators
  • increase your visibility to art directors
  • connect with like-minded creatives
  • improve your marketing and branding skills
  • become to be a better business person

Because this site is carefully curated, we cannot guarantee all applicants will be invited to join, but we encourage you to apply.

What are the CRITERIA for joining?

In order for this site—and its members—to be successful art directors must be pleased as they view portfolios.  Below are some expectations art directors have when viewing the work of an illustrator.
  • A professional presence. Art directors appreciate a well-designed website and a tightly focused Instagram feed.
  • A tight brand and consistent style. Art directors like to know that the style they see on an illustrator’s site is the style they can expect to receive.
  • A collection of samples within a specialization. Art directors look for a good selection of illustrations that demonstrate an illustrator’s area of expertise. 
  • A proven track record of commissions. Art directors seek assurance that an illustrator has experience dealing with the business side of a commission: contracts, negotiations, invoices, schedules, and file preparation. 

Why is this platform SPECIAL?

Illustrators For Hire provides art directors with an exceptional experience to view illustrations and find the right illustrator with the right skills in the right location.

There are many twisting and winding roads that an art director can travel on to find an illustrator—scrolling Instagram, mining Pinterest, searching through Google. Illustrators For Hire is like a smooth highway that leads an art director to the exact destination they had in mind.

By recognizing the importance of niche marketing and using the best practices of search engine optimization and web design, Illustrators For Hire maximizes the presentation and promotion of its members.

This website is fully optimized for search engines (SEO). Every image uploaded, every word written, and every page identified on this site is thoughtfully considered with the number one goal of making it easy for search engines to interpret the content and recommend it to the right people: art directors, creative directors, art buyers—any person seeking an illustrator for hire!

Who are the MEMBERS?

The members of this platform are all professional freelance illustrators. They each specialize in a specific subject matter (i.e. Food + Drink or Florals + Plants) and/or maintain an expertise in a unique discipline (i.e. Greeting Cards or Patterns). They are dedicated to the practice of illustration and maintain a high degree of professionalism.

How much does it COST?

The curated selection of freelance illustrators is limited. We do not invite everyone who applies. We want to provide art directors—and other visitors—a wide range of choices, without being overwhelming. In exchange for this level of selectivity and exclusivity, there is a minimum yearly fee of $280. We are not agents. We do not negotiate for our members. We do not take a cut of any earnings.

Are you INTERESTED in joining?

Do you meet the criteria stated above?


    Because this site is carefully curated, we cannot guarantee all applicants will be invited to join, but we encourage you to apply!

    TESTIMONIALS from members

    The best evidence of the success of this platform comes directly from IFH Members.

    “In the last few months, I have been trying to figure out where I want my illustration career to go and how to move forward. Taking Nate’s SEO course—and learning about the importance of niches—really helped me with all of that.“
    Kristina Yu
    “Nearly every request and job I’ve gotten over the past year is from IFH. It’s quite impressive—the proof is in the pudding. And who doesn’t love pudding?”
    Cindy Salans Rosenheim
    “As a newbie freelance illustrator, I had a great experience last year. I couldn't have reached here without Illustrators For Hire.”
    Yoko Baum
    “This is the only freelance database that has been really worth it for me to join. I contribute that to your dedication to help promote us!”
    Ali Hooten
    “What you do is amazing. The IFH community has given me a real education, what with all the talks and get-togethers. The membership is TOTALLY worth its weight in gold!”
    Lucy Truman
    “I recently got a new children's book contract which is my highest paying illustration job to date, and she found me on Illustrators For Hire!”
    Janette Hill
    “Last year, I received many inquiries through IFH, but nothing translated into work. This year, I’ve already landed three new clients. I’m glad I stayed on the platform!”
    Shalini Soni Mazumdar
    “IFH has been such a fantastic way of getting work! I am actually working on on my 4th children's book now—three of which are through IFH—so a huge thanks to you!”
    Emma Valenghi
    “I got my first packaging job through Illustrators For Hire—a re-branding for a widely distributed skin-care company. I'm also about to begin a children's book and the client found me through IFH too!”
    Rachel Hudson
    “I love being a part of Illustrators For Hire. Not only did I get a wonderful commission within a few months after joining, I also gained a supportive and awesome community!”
    Elle Powell
    “I now have 5 children’s book commissions in the queue—all thanks to Illustrators For Hire! Thank you so much for everything you do to promote illustrators’ work.”
    Lisa Powell Braun
    “I have gotten a few nice jobs through Illustrators For Hire. I have signed up with many other more expensive directory sites in the past, and yours really brings great returns!”
    Lucie Rice
    “I can’t tell you how much being apart of the Illustrators For Hire community has helped my career and my confidence!”
    Loo McNulty

    Thank you for being a part of the illustration community!

    Nate & SalliCo-founders, siblings, and freelance illustrators