Illustrators For Hire (IFH) has a 10-year track record of success. The best evidence of this success comes directly from its members.

“In the last few months, I have been trying to figure out where I want my illustration career to go and how to move forward. Taking Nate’s SEO course—and learning about the importance of niches—really helped me with all of that.“
Kristina Yu
“I am so happy to be a part of this organization. I just signed on for my second really nice project. Both clients found me on IFH!”
Chris Lyons
“I’ve been really busy recently—quite a few clients have mentioned finding me through IFH—which is great news!“
Savannah Storm

“I’ve been booked solid since I signed up with you lovely folks!”
Kelly Kurtz
“It has been a wonderful year for me and I am excited to start the second year with IFH. I have had numerous commissions that have come directly from IFH—all professional clients. I receive great exposure through links from IFH’s Instagram feed. It’s been wonderful to connect with more illustrators and the learning opportunities have been eye-opening, including seminars about the illustration business and pricing. IFH also gave me the chance to listen to guest speakers from the publishing industry, which gave me really great insight. When I needed help with a licensing question, I found both Nate and Salli to be incredibly open and approachable—and very speedy in getting back to me! Their advice was incredibly useful.”
Sian Bowman
“What you do is amazing. The IFH community has given me a real education, what with all the talks and get-togethers. The membership is TOTALLY worth its weight in gold!”
Lucy Truman
“This is the only freelance database that has been really worth it for me to join. I contribute that to your dedication to help promote us!”
Ali Hooten
“Because of IFH I got a wonderful book commission last year about a magical library. It was so fun to work on!”
Sally Darby
“I landed a new job that is good-paying and a frequent source of work. Their scout found me through IFH!”
Niki Waters
“I absolutely adore Illustrators For Hire—best platform ever!”
Belle Wuthrich
“I love IFH and how well it's working out for me! In only a few months of joining your website I've already had four inquiries—one was today, one was yesterday, and two earlier inquiries both turned into high paying projects. Out of all the portfolio advertising sites out there IFH is by far the best! I believe this is because of your 200 illustrator cap. It's a lot less overwhelming to art directors. All the other sites have hundreds and hundreds of illustrators and I believe that's why they have not been working for me. I'm planning on cancelling my membership with those other sites and sticking with IFH.”
Sarah Nettuno
“Thanks to Illustrators For Hire my life has changed so much. The clients that have contacted me are amazing. I can’t believe how much work has come my way. The revenue I earned last year was more than 10 times the membership fee. I am so glad I joined!”
John Ravi
“In less than a year after joining I received three commissions from clients who specifically mentioned finding me through Illustrators for Hire. In general, the number of jobs I've gotten this year has increased compared to last year. Thank you so much for all you do, what an amazing community!”
Kiki Kita
“I am so pleased to be part of Illustrators For Hire— I have gotten some great projects from it! Thank you so very, very much for this fabulous community.”
Belle Wuthrich
“Illustrators For Hire is working! I got my first lead from a new client. They found me and a few other illustrators via this site! I’m waiting to hear back on the gig, but I love a cool, potential client!”
Nicole Album
“I got my first packaging job through Illustrators For Hire—a re-branding for a widely distributed skin-care company. I'm also about to begin a children's book and the client found me through IFH too!”
Rachel Hudson
“I love being a part of Illustrators For Hire. Not only did I get a wonderful commission within a few months after joining, I also gained a supportive and awesome community!”
Elle Powell
“I've never been a part of an illustrator group like this before and I just have to say that I am so incredibly happy with the resources that Nate and Salli have put together for us. It's a really great community.”
Cassie Cavallaro
“I just received a proposal for a children's picture book. When asked how I was found, the client said a Google search led to the IFH website. From there, they looked at my portfolio and loved my lumberjack illustration.”
Eduardo Martinez
“I recently signed a contract to illustrate the first of four children's books for a client who found me through Illustrators For Hire. Thank you very much! I love the way you do it.”
Catalina Adelgoss
“I requested a copy of the IFH zine The Best Thing I’ve Ever Drawn. After looking through its pages, I found the next artist we will feature in an upcoming issue on ‘retreats.’ Thanks for this great reference—it’s nice to have a printed piece!”
Sandra SalamonyCreative Director
Spirituality & Health magazine

“You guys do truely offer an amazing service and community!”
Hannah Beisang
“A client saw my work on Illustrators For Hire and contacted me for an ongoing illustration project. They create private label products for various culinary companies. It’s been fun and it’s broadening my skill set.”
Joan Chamberlain
“I have gotten a few nice jobs through Illustrators For Hire. I have signed up with many other more expensive directory sites in the past, and yours really brings great returns!”
Lucie Rice
“I really love being a part of the amazing community that Salli and Nate have created! They are so supportive and always creating fun projects to get involved with! It has been a great source of information, inspiration and fun. I advertised my work on Illustrators For Hire last year for the first time and ended up landing a dream project illustrating for a restaurant as a direct result—I'm so thrilled to have this great resource!”
Jamie Runnells
“I received several commissions directly from art directors who found me on Illustrators For Hire. Most recently, I got a vegan-themed book cover project through the IFH website—I couldn't be more excited! My presence on IFH definitely exposes me to a new range of clients.”
Josephine Skapare
“I received a second map inquiry this morning. Not sure what will come of it, but I definitely appreciate all of the opportunities you are leading me to.”
Mitzie Testani
“Joining Illustrators For Hire proved to be a great decision. As a new map illustrator on the scene, it got me exposure and commissions that I'm sure I would not have gotten otherwise.”
Scott Schiller
“Advertising on Illustrators For Hire has really paid off for me! It's definitely exposed my work to new and different types of clients then I've had in the past. I'm also pleased to say that a lot of these clients have hired me more than once!”
Jessica McGuirl
“Thank you for all the care, support, and mentorship over the past few years. IFH is a special community to have been a part of, and I contribute it to being a huge part of my growth and success as an illustrator. I've loved every single lecture, drawing session, and drawing challenge that you guys have come up with.”
Vanessa Montano
“I've made great connections through Illustrators for Hire and have been able to work on very interesting food illustration projects. All in all, I love being part of the creative and inspiring IFH community!”
Julia Bausenhardt
“I've made wonderful contacts and been able to work on creative projects through my advertisement on Illustrators For Hire. Since my maps are a large part of my illustration business, I can' think of a more appropriate advertising venue and I just love being a part of Nate and Salli's supportive and inspiring community.”
Betsy Beier 
“Thanks so much for all that you do! I have received 2 freelance projects this month that have found me through IFH!
It's a great way to start the year.“
Angie Bowman  
“Thank you for the thought and work you put into IFH. The illustration world is rapidly changing and I appreciate you taking the lead on being informed about the evolution!”
Lindsay Bolin Lowery
“I recently got a new children's book contract which is my highest paying illustration job to date, and she found me on Illustrators For Hire!”
Janette Hill
“Last year, I received many inquiries through IFH, but nothing translated into work. This year, I’ve already landed three new clients. I’m glad I stayed on the platform!”
Shalini Soni Mazumdar
“IFH has been such a fantastic way of getting work! I am actually working on on my 4th children's book now—three of which are through IFH—so a huge thanks to you both!”
Emma Valenghi
“An art director from the wine publication Full Pour Magazine found me through IFH. The commissions are posted in my IFH profile page—super cool!”
Van Chung
“IFH is awesome, you two are awesome. Thanks so much for all you do!!! Can't wait to be even more involved this year!”
Elle Powell
“I feel so grateful for everything you have done for me and my art adventure.”
Loo McNulty
“Nearly every request and job I’ve gotten over the past year is from IFH. It’s quite impressive—the proof is in the pudding. And who doesn’t love pudding?”
Cindy Salans Rosenheim
“As a newbie freelance illustrator, I had a great experience in 2022. Thank you so much for supporting me, I couldn't have reached here without Illustrators For Hire.”
Yoko Baum
“I receive a decent number of queries from art directors who say they saw my work on IFH. Recently, an AD from the LA Times hired me after she saw my work in The Best Food I've Ever Eaten zine you sent her, so thank you for that great idea!”
Jennifer Hines

“Thanks to the visibility of the IFH newsletter I have received my first commission as an illustrator! Woo hoo!!!”
Luciana Torre
“I cancelled my membership because I’m not able to take on any new work right now. I love all you do to make IFH amazing. I just wanted to let you know how awesome you are.”
Kendra Minadeo
“Thank you both for being very generous with your time and for being so upfront and honest. I value my membership greatly for all that it has to offer aside from its promotional appeal! I have learned so much through the community.”
Lucy Truman
“Thank you for all that you do for the Illustrator community! I've made a number of lovely connections through your community, and I sincerely thank you both for your effort in promoting my work.”
Cherry Mo
“I've secured two commissions via IFH since I signed up. The most recent one was from an art director at a national newspaper in the UK , so I was very happy with that.”
Laura Darling
“I appreciate how much Salli and Nate advocate for us. It makes us feel like y'all have our backs. I really love being a part of this community.”
Kenzie Raposo
“I have been swamped working on a big, ongoing project for a very large and well-respected, US-based food corporation. It is all thanks to Illustrators for hire! Thank you for your amazing help and dedicated promotion.”
Melissa Garden
“I just love being a part of this community.”
Lori Weitzel
“I recently secured a lovely contact thanks to IFH. It’s a great business who wants me to design lots of lovely jigsaw puzzles for kids—my dream project for 2021—yay!”
Beverley Hopwood
“I now have 5 children’s book commissions in the queue—all thanks to Illustrators For Hire! Thank you so much for everything you do to promote illustrators’ work.”
Lisa Powell Braun
“I just landed another book illustration commission—and the author found me through Illustrators For Hire, just like last time!” 
Lisa Powell Braun
“I have had a few jobs directly due to the client seeing my work on your website or searching online for illustrators. Your promotion tenacity is certainly paying off for me!”
Lucy Truman
“I can’t tell you how much being apart of the Illustrators For Hire community has helped my career and my confidence!”
Loo McNulty
“I was contacted by an art director from the American Humane Society, who said she found me on Illustrators For Hire—it really works!”
Heegyum Kim
“I’ve been given three commissions thanks to my IFH page: an illustrated calendar with Amber Lotus, a suite of illustrations for a private client, and a illustrated book for a publisher.”
Carmen García Gordillo
“Without a doubt advertising on Illustrators For Hire has been a highly positive experience with regards to attracting numerous clients. Being seen in this day and age is so important and IFH is a fantastic platform to showcase your foodie art. I feel my IFH feature has paid dividends, with projects from magazines, branding and packaging. I cannot say enough how grateful I am for Salli and Nate's continued support for inspiring community.”
Ohn Mar Win
“I worked on a very nice project with a client who wanted to offer a personalized book for his wife's birthday. He found me on IFH and commissioned over 20 illustrations.”
Dephine Balme
“I'm so excited that my work was recently found by an art director for a major magazine via my Illustrators for Hire badge. As a result my illustration was licensed for a full page editorial placement alongside an article about food & travel. TDAC has been an amazing platform to showcase my work!!
Jen Lindup
“I just love the concept of Salli and Nate's site and am so happy to be part of this fantastic, supportive community they have created. Not only have I gotten some really great illustration work from advertising on Illustrators For Hire, I've also gotten to know (online) a few other illustrators from here too, which has been fun and helpful to chat about illustration!”
Heidi Schweigert
“Because I advertised on Illustrators For Hire, my work was seen by some of my now best clients. I've had the incredible opportunity to work on multiple puzzles, greeting cards, and licensed art prints over the past couple years because art directors saw my work on IFH. I'm so grateful to Nate and Salli for creating a space that my artwork could be seen by the perfect clients.”
Joy Laforme
“I've tried a number of paid advertising options over the past couple of years, including some fairly expensive options. I was really interested to discover that based on my site's Google Analytics, advertising on Illustrators for Hire brought more clicks to my website than Directory of Illustration and Workbook. Plus, it just landed me a well-paying book illustration gig!”
Steph Calvert
“I’m so glad to be a part of Illustrators For Hire. I am definitely getting inquiries and some work from the site, and am loving the Instagram feed!”
Melissa Washburn

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