All IFH Members may attend—for free—a yearly* seminar series for illustrators, which focuses on building strong freelance businesses.


This series of five seminars* is taught by IFH co-founder
Nate Padavick, who has 20+ years of experience running a successful freelance illustration business. The PRO Series is filled with golden nuggets, technical tips, smart suggestions, and very specific techniques that help illustrators become more savvy business people and a more successful freelancers. Participants will learn things that can immediately be put to use to improve their illustration businesses.

*The next live iteration of The PRO Series will be conducted in fall 2024.


This seminar series is free for IFH Members. Non-members pay $40 each or $180 for all five seminars via The Illustrator’s Circle.


Seminar 1: SEO for Illustrators
Attract more clients and drive greater traffic to your site by implementing the best practices of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
  • What is SEO?
  • How does SEO work?
  • Why is it so important?
  • Is your site optimized for search engines?
  • How can you make your site more SEO-friendly?

Seminar 2: Emphasizing your Credibility
Understand how the "nature of search” has evolved to encompass greater judgement—through the eyes of a search engine—on a professional’s credibility.
  • Why is niche marketing more important now than ever?
  • What are Google's standards of quality?
  • How can an illustrator satisfy Google's standards of quality?

Seminar 3: Pricing your Illustrations

Gain insight into the value of illustrations by learning Nate's total earnings over the last 10 years and watching him reveal his fees for nearly every commission on his site.
  • How much money can an illustrator earn in a year?
  • From whom can an illustrator draw his illustration income?
  • What does Nate charge for his illustrations?
  • How much should you charge for your illustrations?

Seminar 4: Negotiating your Prices
Learn the steps of the negotiation dance to win commissions and maximize your income.
  • How much should you charge?
  • What factors go into setting the right price?
  • Do you charge an hourly rate, project rate, rush fee, royalty, licensing fee?
  • How do you ensure that you actually get the job?

Seminar 5: Building your Business
Build your business into a brand—an ecosystem of illustration—that attracts more of the right clients from more of the right sources.
  • How do you find new clients?
  • Why is niche marketing so important?
  • Where can you promote my business?
  • How can I even compete with so many other talented illustrators everywhere?
  • How can you define, display, and communicate your brand?


Questions? No problem! Please, send Nate or Salli an email.

Nate & SalliCo-founders, siblings, and freelance illustrators