Zoe Pappenheimer is a freelance illustrator based in Northampton, Massachusetts, who specializes in branding, packaging, and corporate iconography.

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What started out as a favorite childhood hobby has turned into a dream job as an adult. My illustration work has been used by colleges and businesses from California to Massachusetts. The bright playful nature of these drawings are meant to give personality to brands, empower fundraising campaigns and engage diverse audiences.


  • Smith College
  • Amherst College
  • PJ Library
  • Curio Spice Co
  • The Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles


What is a recent logo that has caught your eye?
I love how fun and playful the Oatley logo and brand is. The company could've taken a more traditional approach but chose a hand-drawn look that makes it stand out from all the other milks and milk alternatives.

Which brand do you most admire for its use of illustration? 
Google's daily doodle is an inspiring concept. I love the idea of a brand/logo that changes and adapts as opposed to staying static. Not only does the daily doodle pertain to the date, it highlights the work of diverse artists from different backgrounds. 

What packaging would be your dream job? 
I would love to do a beer or wine label. There is so much room for creativity and playfulness these days in packaging. I had a lot of fun creating the brand and packaging behind Curio Spice Co. and would love to do more of that kind of work as well.

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