Veronique Godbout is a freelance illustrator based in Exeter, Rhode Island, who specializes in illustrated recipes and food illustration.

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My journey into the delicious world of food and drink illustration kicked off during my graphic design student days. Fueled by a fiery passion for all things culinary, my skills in this art form have matured like a fine wine over the years. As an illustrator, I keep the creative juices flowing by indulging in plenty of eating and drinking antics! What tickles me pink about creating illustrations is the power to showcase my personality and deep-rooted love for all things edible. To whip up top-notch artworks, I swear by a hefty appetite and a voracious appetite for all things food-related—hence my mountain of magazine subscriptions! In my book, the keys to ace food and drink illustrations are an inquisitive mind and a sprinkle of magic. 


  • Prica Farina
  • Ink Fish Books
  • Domain Decor


What fruit or vegetable do you most love to illustrate?
My go-to fruit for illustrating would undoubtedly be... Apples! Munching on one each day with that classic saying playing on loop in my head: "An apple a day keeps the doctor away!”

What is your comfort food?
How about a crispy baguette slathered with a generous slab of butter? Could it be my French-Canadian roots calling the shots?

What is your favorite beverage?
White wine takes the spotlight in my glass, from Sancerre to Orvieto, I'm all in for that vino life, dreaming of romantic Italy or a French bon voyage, ouh la la!, savoring memories in every sip!

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