Sian Bowman is a freelance illustrator based in Herefordshire, UK, who specializes in animal and wildlife illustrations.

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I have always been interested in animals and nature. I grew up in the countryside in Wales and my Dad lived in ‘the middle of nowhere’ as we used to say very happily. My sister and I would spend time playing hide and seek, doing summersaults in the heather, making dens and I could often be found sketchbook in hand drawing outside. Over the years my expertise in drawing animals and nature has developed due to simply drawing so much. I am an Illustrator who specialises in creating animal and nature designs for children’s books, print and card ranges and toy design. I nurture this focus and maintain my skillset by continuing to keep a sketchbook and observing the countryside each day whilst I am out walking the dogs. I am an avid reader and since I was little I have collected books and inspiration which have all fed into my style. I endeavour to capture two important qualities to create a successful finished Illustration these being a fluidity of line and the feeling and life captured in an initial sketch. I am very open and relish in a drawing challenge.


  • Warmies
  • Jellycat
  • Central 23 Greeting Cards
  • Owlet Press


What animal do you most relate to?
This is a hard question. I think I am a lot like a sloth—I love trees and sleep. But actually I find myself busying about like bee and I often have ‘buzz’ in my step, thinking about an Illustration ideas. 

What animal is the most fun to draw?
I literally love drawing any animal from insects to tropical animals. I also like working on various projects, some may call for a characterful approach whilst others may need a more realistic touch.

Which do you prefer: Cats or Dogs?
I grew up with cats and loved their soft cozy-ness. We had the kind of cats that knead your belly with their paws in the evening and purr louder than the TV. But I think dogs have to win for me. Our first dog Jet—the whippet—was a massive part of making the decision to become self employed and I will be forever grateful to him.

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