Shalini Soni Mazumdar is a freelance illustrator based in New Delhi, India, who specializes in illustrated recipes and food illustration.

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My journey as an illustrator began a few years ago when I transitioned from being a painter. What I love most about illustrating food is the variety of shapes, textures and colors that make for interesting compositions. While illustrating recipes, my focus is to get as much detail of ingredients and process visually. Representation of culture and environment is also a significant part of illustrating food. To maintain my skillset I try to draw from life as much as possible, experimenting with techniques and style to suit different requirements.


  • Wonderhouse Books
  • Rainbow Foods
  • Lasting Smiles


What fruit or vegetable do you most love to illustrate? 
All fruit and vegetables are fun to illustrate. But the ones with tiny details are the most enjoyable to make. Vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, sliced tomatoes, asparagus, etc with their textures and shades make for interesting subjects. Dragon fruit is another favourite one to illustrate.

What is your comfort food?
I love simple homemade indian food with its cumin and mustard seed tempering with just a little salt and turmeric. And summers with chaats (sweet and savoury yoghurt dishes). Pizzas and pastas with loads of vegetables added in with gooey cheese sometimes. And on a cold day a hot bowl of tomato soup with garlic buttered toast. 

What is your favorite beverage?
Tea, Masala tea or as we Indians call it chai! I’m always up for a cup of masala chai, any time of the day.

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