Sara Gossett is a freelance illustrator based in Chicago, Illinois, who specializes in branding, packaging, and corporate iconography.

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As an illustrator who specializes in hand-drawn and painted artwork for brands, including years of experience working on album covers and music packaging, I nurture this focus by staying immersed in a world where the lines are blurred in terms of life and art. With a lifelong love of all things related to vintage style and design, and as a musician (and collector of music) myself, I always seek to surround myself with what resonates as creatively interesting, which gives me a deep well of inspiration and understanding to pull from. I love the collaborative nature inherent with visually representing a brand and being a part of its story, and to me there is something especially magical and special about these partnerships that can transcend the power of both alone.


  • Halcyon Vintage
  • Guerssen Records
  • Hypnotic Bridge Records


    What is your favorite logo? 
    I'm a big fan of the Partridge Family TV show logo... and the entire opening theme song animation sequence! 

    Which brand do you most admire for its use of illustration? 
    It's always a treat to see the Art Deco and other vintage-inspired decorative designs on Claus Porto soap labels and packaging... so beautiful!

    What packaging would be your dream job?
    Illustration for music packaging remains close to my heart, but I'd love to create artwork for any kind of bag, paper, gift box or covering that could later be kept and reused by someone who liked it enough to keep it and incorporate it into their home or everyday life long after their initial purchase. As someone who collects vintage ephemera such as colorful jars/tins/boxes and bags, it feels extra special to me knowing that these things can last and be enjoyed for a very long time if someone connects with the visual style and design, not just thrown out and added to a landfill. All of these ordinary, daily items and objects truly do add meaning and color to our lives... art belongs everywhere.

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