Mike Brennan is a freelance illustrator based in Branchburg, New Jersey, who specializes in editorial illustrations.

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My interest in storytelling through visuals began as a child, fueled by creating greeting cards for family members. Over the years, my expertise in capturing nuanced emotions and atmospheres has developed through constant exploration - be it studying body language, diving into locations, or experimenting with light and texture. As an illustrator who specializes in yoga, lifestyle, and travel artwork for editorial pieces, I nurture this focus by seeking out projects that resonate with my own values, like mental health, mindful living and celebrating diverse perspectives. What I love most about editorial illustration is its ability to spark dialogue and deepen understanding. To create a successful editorial illustration, I believe it's important to listen deeply to the text and identify its core message. Then, I aim to translate that message into a visually arresting yet conceptually relevant image.


  • Jodi Kobrin, founder of Fly + Release Yoga & Fly Lyf Retreats
  • Laura Goetze, 50by40 International
  • Karim Khan, PxP Event: For Patients, By Patients


Which publication does a great job at using illustrations?
I love the way Mindful Magazine, Breathe Magazine and Psychology Today all use illustration to storytell.

What topic do you most enjoy illustrating about?
Yoga, hands down! The poses are a constant source of inspiration, blending physical strength with graceful movement. Plus, who can resist capturing that raw energy. Yoga art isn't just about aesthetics, it's about the deeper journey of self-discovery and connection. Capturing the stillness within the movement, the balance between power and grace, it's a visual meditation that resonates with my own values.

What magazine cover do you want your illustration to be on?
I can't just choose one. I'd say Psychology Today as its commitment to exploring the depths of the human mind resonates deeply. Breathe Magazine as it feels like a natural home for my yoga-inspired illustrations. And The New Yorker, as Its legendary wit and keen cultural commentary would be a captivating stage for my art.  

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