Daniella Perera is a freelance illustrator based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, who specializes in branding, packaging, and corporate iconography.

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My interest in illustration began as a child collecting stationery, stickers and stamps. Having spent time living in Europe and Asia, I have been exposed to many different branding styles which have further piqued my interest. As an illustrator specialising in hand-drawn line art; I nurture this focus by exploring areas that resonate with my personal values, such as preserving historical buildings, promoting sustainability through thrifting, appreciating nature, and embracing a slower pace of life through mindful eating and living well.


  • Aloha Cycle Club
  • Rubberduck Café
  • Museum Het Schip


What is your favourite logo?
My favourite logo is Bao London’s, which features a line drawing of a ‘lonely man’ enjoying a Bao bun. I appreciate it because it’s slightly crude yet very clear, making it perfect for a food & beverage establishment as it effectively elicits a feeling of hunger!

Which brand do you most admire for its use of illustration?
Oohlala1537 is a Korean brand specializing in stationery and homeware. Whilst they feature various illustration styles, my favourite is their line drawings of people engaged in everyday, whimsical activities.

Which packaging would be your dream job?
My ideal packaging job would be with a brand like Dille & Kamille. They use a line art style and offer products that encourage a better lifestyle, such as eating well, enjoying nature, slowing down and being more environmentally friendly. These values align with my own.

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