Cindy Tran is a freelance illustrator based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, who specializes in editorial illustrations.

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As an illustrator who loves painting dreamy, colorful scenes, my favorite projects are ones that are created to be physically put out into the world as book and album covers, posters, magazine articles, and so on! My experience in publishing and editorial has given me the privilege to collaborate with writers and visually represent their personal stories and creativity. I do so via dynamic lighting and moody color palettes that cater to the subject matter, working in a cozy, gouache and watercolor-inspired style. A book is truly judged by its cover and I work to create eye-catching illustrations that will ensure the client's book is one that will be read and not left on the shelf.


  • Oh Reader Media
  • Girl Friday Productions
  • Blind Eye Books


Which publication does a great job at using illustrations? 
I enjoy self-care and lifestyle focused publications and really love seeing Breathe on the shelves. They're always super colorful and full of character.

What topic do you most enjoy illustrating about?
Women! And in general, anything that allows me to paint flowing shapes and magical moments

What magazine cover do you want your illustration to be on?
I would love to illustrate a cover for another publication like Oh Reader that isn't afraid to touch upon real struggles involving representation of people of color and members of the LGBTQ+ community in our media.

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