Amanda Weedmark is a freelance illustrator based in Courtenay, BC, Canada, who specializes in branding, packaging, and corporate iconography.

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Over the course of my two-decade creative career, my focus has predominantly been on crafting designs and illustrations tailored for brands. Including my own lifestyle business! Whether I'm refining visuals within existing brand guidelines or creating brand illustrations from scratch, my approach combines graphic design fundamentals with the expressive power of illustration. This fusion allows me to produce captivating visuals that strengthens the brand messaging in a fun, creative way. For me, the hallmark of effective branding illustration lies in seamlessly weaving a brand's personality into a narrative or product line that resonates with customers, leaving a lasting impression. Perhaps even a timeless one.


  • Bonnyville Tourism Center
  • University of British Columbia
  • 8 Billion Trees (Licensing)
  • Ole Originals (Licensing)
  • Make Vancouver (Licensing)
  • Dust City Gifts  (Licensing)


What is your favorite logo?
The 1974 CBC logo and the Vancouver Aquarium logo. Both Canadian, naturally.

Which brand do you most admire for its use of illustration?
Phillips Brewing—another Canadian brand. Their illustrator (Shawn O'Keefe) does a fantastic job visualizing each beers’ essence and flavor profile. Even though I don’t drink much anymore, I do spend alot of time looking at their portfolio of labels to see all of the detail; deconstructing the composition, the elements, and better understand how it was created.

What packaging would be your dream job?
Any kind of food item. I’m a huge snacker. Although drink labels like coffee, tea, beer, soda would be my top choices right now. I do enjoy trying new drinks I see, with my choices resting purely on the label design, flavour, and how well those two marry. Haha—design nerd at heart. As a teen, I remember collecting labels from Jones Soda bottles and Bazooka Joe comics from the Dubble Bubble gum which was so novel and fun. I love the idea of packaging or promotional material having a second life after the initial consumption.

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