IFH Members are entitled to many benefits that result from membership to this platform. 

Any illustrator may apply for membership to Illustrators For Hire. Only selected illustrators will be extended an invitation to join. Upon receipt of an invitation, an illustrator may review and purchase a membership subscription at various levels.

The Benefits of Niches
IFH uses niche marketing to maximize the promotion of each IFH Member. Niche marketing involves focusing on a specific target audience, product, or industry and helping illustrators establish themselves as experts within their chosen niche. Read this essay to better understand the importance of niche marketing for freelance illustrators. 

The Benefits of a Profile Page
A dedicated niche profile page demonstrates an IFH Member’s experience and expertise within a niche. Niche profile pages are built by IFH with content supplied by the IFH Member with the intent to attract the attention of search engines and art directors.

The IFH Member is responsible for supplying the following information before a profile page can be built. This data is formally requested by IFH upon payment of subscription:
  • Badge. A square image that represents an illustrators niche.
  • Illustration Samples. Nine illustration samples that demonstrate expertise within a niche.
  • Creative Statement. Up to 100 words about an illustrator's background and interest in a niche.
  • Q&A Responses. Up to three responses to personal questions asked by IFH.
  • Links. Links to one portfolio website, one Instagram feed, and one email address.

IFH is responsible for creating and maintaining the following attributes after a profile page is built:
  • Description. IFH will write a biographical description stating the illustrator’s name, location, and niche.
  • File Names. IFH will ensure—to the best of their ability—all image file names are SEO-friendly.
  • File Sizes. IFH will ensure—to the best of their ability—all image file sizes are appropriate.
  • Alt Text. IFH will create meta data descriptions for each illustration sample.

The Benefits of SEM (Search Engine Marketing)
IFH will maintain and pay for ongoing advertising campaigns via Google Ads. IFH Members may benefit from the exposure gained through these paid efforts.

The Benefits of SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
IFH will apply best practices of SEO to satisfy expectations of search engines and increase visitor traffic and search engine exposure. IFH Members may benefit from the traffic sent to their profile pages as a result of organic searches.

The Benefits of Additional Promotion Opportunities
IFH uses many platforms to display and promote the artwork of its members. IFH does not track nor guarantee these numerous placements. An IFH Member’s artwork may be featured and credited in the following places:

The Benefits of The PRO Series
All IFH Members receive free access to The PRO Series, a live annual event consisting of five seminars, which focus on building strong freelance businesses (a $150 value).

The Benefits of IFH Insights

All IFH Members receive free access to articles on the Insights page.

The Benefits of The Illustrator’s Circle

At certain levels of membership, IFH Members receive free access to all videos, tutorials, guides, and fonts from The Illustrator’s Circle (a $450+ value).

Usage Rights
Throughout the year, IFH may use additional content created by the IFH Member to extend the reach of their promotion. To do so, IFH Members grant IFH the non-exclusive right to share, display, and re-post the following content in order to maximize the promotion their illustration practice:
  • Words and images sent by IFH Members to IFH
  • Words and images from an IFH Member’s website, Instagram feed, or email newsletter

IFH does not assume the role of agent for IFH Members. IFH does not take any fees from commissions obtained through the site. IFH Members may seek advice from IFH, but will not hold IFH accountable for any actions taken. IFH Members agree to seek professional advice for legal, tax, career, and financial matters.

Profile Updates
An IFH Member may update the content of their profile page accordingly:
  • At anytime, an IFH Member can add additional niches by upgrading their membership level
  • At anytime, an IFH Member can request updates to their website url, Instagram url, email address, or location
  • Only upon yearly subscription renewal, an IFH Member can request to change their niche or update their badge, sample illustrations, creative statement, or Q&A responses

An IFH Member can cancel their subscription at any time or request removal of their profile page(s). Due to considerable upfront efforts and on-boarding time, no refund requests—full or pro-rated—are granted. IFH reserves the right to cancel the subscription of any member, at any time without cause, in which case a pro-rated refund will be granted.

Privacy Policy and Terms of Use
An IFH Member agrees to the terms set forth in IFH’s Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

This service level agreement was last updated on March 20, 2024.