Rebecca Santo is a freelance illustrator based in Cleveland, Ohio and Gothenburg, Sweden, who specializes in floral illustrations and botanical patterns.

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I’ve always loved incorporating florals and botanicals into my illustrations. Over the past three years of my career, I’ve illustrated florals in a number of projects, including picture books, editorial, advertising and packaging. What I love most about plants and florals are their ability to add another layer of story or emotion to an illustration. Whether a flourishing border or delicate accented detail, flowers and plants are the perfect way to add a timeless element of decoration or story to an illustration.


  • Fika
  • Experience Life Magazine
  • Up With Paper
  • Algonquin Young Readers
  • Trader Joe’s


Which flower do you draw the most?
I love drawing flowers with either big bursting blossoms like peonies, or delicate little pops of petals like forget-me-nots, then I fill up any extra space with plenty of leafy stems and greens.

What grows in your garden?
My childhood backyard was full of different types of flowers and plants, my favorites including false indigo, peonies, lilac, and plenty of ivy.

What do flowers symbolize to you?
I think every type of flower or plant can tell its own story or carry an emotion with it, whether joyful, quiet, longing, etc. I also love to research what different plants symbolize in different cultures or folklores, and try to tie that in my own work.

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