Rebecca Santo is a freelance illustrator based in Cleveland, Ohio and Gothenburg, Sweden, who specializes in editorial illustrations.

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What I love most about editorial illustration is the world-building within the page and finding playful and decorative solutions for the spaces around the text. To make a story stand out, I always strive to put a magical or whimsical element in my illustrations, bringing it to a more imaginative level for the reader. I think it’s important for an illustration to have a strong sense of imagination or emotion, even if the story itself is simple. It not only catches the eye, but creates a world for the reader to feel immersed in while reading the article.


  • Washington Post
  • Wine Spectator Magazine
  • Experience Life Magazine
  • Guideposts Magazine
  • Cricket Magazine


Which publication does a great job at using illustrations? 
I’ve always been drawn to the illustrated covers for Breathe Magazine. The covers always pop out to me on the shelf, and are so inviting to the eye!

What topic do you most enjoy illustrating about?
I love topics and stories that have opportunities to illustrate magical or whimsical visuals, involving themes such as art, music, nature, travel/adventure or creativity/imagination.

What magazine cover do you want your illustration to be on? 
I’d love to illustrate for another Washington Post section cover, Breathe, or Aquila magazine! They all hold great opportunities for rich and whimsical storytelling.

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