Jacque Pierro is a freelance illustrator based in Orlando, Florida, who specializes in floral illustrations and botanical patterns.

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At the very young age of 3 years old, I began my art career by painting the world around  me in my studio under the family dinning room table. Growing up I loved visiting stores who carried products that displayed beautiful collections of art on them, which influenced me to become a licensed artist. I nurture this focus by creating cohesive collections with my art that’s inspired by and incorporate bright colors, empowering sayings, hand lettering, fashion, nature, layered textures, patterns, all sprinkled with sass and whimsy. I specialize in illustration, surface/pattern design, character design, product design and fashion illustration.


  • Design House Greetings
  • Boston International
  • Conimar Group
  • Jellybean Rugs 
  • DesignDesign


Which is your favorite flower?
I’ve always loved roses, particularly red ones. Probably because my birthday is on Valentines Day, as well as, I love how elegant and fragrant they are.

What grows in your garden?
With living in Florida I definitely have Foxtail Palm trees, orange hibiscus, and plumbago bushes with big blue blossoms that bloom year round. I also have red Don Juan rose bushes, a pine tree that reminds me of my home state of Ohio, and Boston ferns that came from my childhood home. Oh, I also have pineapple plants that produce around 30 pineapples a year.

Which flowers/plants do you draw the most?  
There isn’t particularly one flower that I draw the most, I like to jump around to much with always drawing all types of flowers.  But I do draw a lot of pine trees, pine branches, and holy with berries due to all of the Christmas art I design for my licensing partners. 

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