Yoko Baum is a freelance illustrator based in Portland, Oregon, who specializes in illustrated recipes and food illustration.

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My journey into food illustration sprouted in my Japanese mother's kitchen, sparking a lifelong passion. Global travels shaped my culinary expertise, and as a dedicated illustrator, I bring freshness and fun to every piece. I take delight in making dinner tables vibrant and lively through my illustrations. Flexibility and detail-orientation define successful food art, values I uphold. Beyond artistry, I prioritize a healthy lifestyle—daily walks, hikes, and wholesome cooking nourish my creativity. With every stroke, I aim to enliven the world of food, turning each meal into a visual feast and making dining experiences more colorful and enjoyable than yesterday.


  • NMGnetwork
  • Starshefs Rising Star
  • Taproot Magazine
  • Waitrose Food


What fruit or vegetable do you most love to illustrate?
Apples! Honey Crisp, Fuji, Pink Lady, Jazz, etc... all varieties are so beautiful and even their names are fun.

What is your comfort food?
Onigiri (Japanese rice balls) and Udon noodles. For me, born and raised in Japan, they are the food that I never get tired of eating.

What is your favorite beverage?
I'm a big fan of espresso coffee during the daytime, tropical tiki cocktails and white wine at night. My tiki mug collection is slowly and surely growing and I would gladly do it if I had the opportunity to draw them!

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