Yoko Baum is a freelance illustrator based in Portland, Oregon, who specializes in editorial illustrations.

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Since age 10, I've been captivated by editorial wonders—Dad's lifestyle mags and Mom's food gems. Fascination with impactful layouts and fonts fueled my artistic journey. At art university, I flourished among mentors and peers, finding inspiration in everyday moments. As an editorial illustrator, I enjoy turning clients' messages into visual stories. Success, for me, means clear layouts and meeting deadlines. Beyond art, I stay creative with daily walks, hikes, and healthy meals. Join me on this vibrant journey where I blend passion, simplicity, and narrative in every stroke.


  • NMGnetwork
  • Starshefs Rising Star
  • Taproot Magazine
  • Waitrose Food


Which publication does a great job at using illustrations? 
POPEYE, Japanese Men's Lifestyle Magazine. It always uses a variety of illustrations here and there, one of my goals is that my illustration is in it.

What topics do you most enjoy illustrating about? 
Food and drink, lifestyle illustration. I spend my days here in the North Pacific West, experiencing food rich in other nationalities and enjoying hiking and camping with my family. It is my bliss to illustrate these things that I enjoy in my daily life.

What magazine cover do you want your illustration to be on?
POPEYE of course, otherwise Glug magazine and Ferment Magazine that UK's wine and beverage magazines. Their covers sound glamorous to me.

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