Xani Dean is a freelance illustrator based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, who specializes in branding, packaging, and corporate iconography.

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My interest in brands began while I was pursuing my bachelors of fine arts. Over the years, my expertise in branding has developed due to working with my clients and helping them accomplish their goals.  As an illustrator who specializes in branding I nurture this focus by targeting my client's wishes and goals for their brand and emphasizing those to create a consistent and strong aesthetic through iconography and typography. What I love most about brand illustration and design is its ability to bring a client's business and product to life and support it to its fullest potential.


  • Zygote Press
  • Warner Media/TNT Entertainment
  • The Rock N' Roll Hall of Fame


What is your favorite logo?
I personally love small business logos that use spot imagery and eye catching type to reflect their brand's aesthetic. 

Which brand do you most admire for its use of illustration?
I admire Starbucks for its use of illustration on all all aspects of their products. Constantly highlighting artists with unique styles to bring new work to the table to catch the eye of their customers. 

What packaging would be your dream job?
I love to work on illustrations that is specifically for product, art is a fantastic way to enhance the items of our daily life and bring joy to their intended users.

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