Wendy Deubert is a freelance illustrator based in Cumberland, Rhode Island, who specializes in floral illustrations and botanical artwork.

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My interest in plants and flowers began when I was a child working with my Dad in our garden. I loved to watch the little seedlings grow into huge plants with drifts of blooms or clusters of tomatoes. When I became interested in painting in high school, I can remember my art teacher bringing in vases of cut flowers from a roadside farm stand every Friday that he would use to set up a still life for us to paint from. What I love most about illustrating plants and flowers is the variety that exists in texture, shape and color and the act of being outside in nature observing them. It offers endless inspiration. As an illustrator who specializes in floral illustration I nurture this focus by experimenting with growing all different varieties of perennial and cut flowers in my own garden. 


  • TJX Companies
  • Viabella
  • Tree Free Greetings
  • Schurman Retail Group


Which flower do you draw most? 
Iceland Poppies, Cosmos and Anemones. I enjoy drawing flowers that have floaty, almost transparent petals and centers filled with lots of interesting texture and shapes.
What grows in your garden?
This year I'm growing over 40 varieties of cut flowers and vegetables from seed, corms and tubers. Some of my favorites include anemones, ranunculus, snapdragons, celosia and dahlias. I also have many perennials such as hydrangeas, astilbe, yarrow, various sedum, ferns, peonies and hostas. I just keep digging more garden beds. It's starting to get a little out of hand!

What do flowers symbolize to you? 
To me, flowers symbolize resilience.  Sometimes in the coldest, darkest days of winter, you almost forget what the garden once looked like just a few short months ago. It can seem like nothing will ever grow again. But as spring nears, it's like a tiny miracle every year to see the green tips of plants poking through the soil. They were there all along, but just resting and working on growing strong roots in anticipation of Spring.  One of my favorite quotes is "Nothing in nature blooms all year". I think it's a helpful reminder to be patient and forgiving with ourselves and others.

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