Terri Wilhelm is a freelance illustrator based in Madison, Wisconsin, who specializes in animal and wildlife illustrations.

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When I was a kid, I loved being outdoors, especially hiking on trails in the woods or skiing. I loved the magic of what I could see, hear and smell and the sense of wonder for what I couldn't see. I wanted to be able to preserve that wonder and communicate that to others. Nowadays, my sketchbook is my escape, the place I go to get lost and be my true myself, to create a cast of endearing characters that will bring a smile to others. I prefer to create most of my illustrations with traditional materials, primarily watercolor and colored pencils. I sit in front of a computer screen all day for my day job, so drawing is a wonderful escape from the computer. I practice, practice, practice, as much as possible. My lifetime goal is to draw everything. What I love most about illustration is the ability to make magic, to create new worlds. My characters are spunky and charming and my stories are lighthearted and endearing. My style is playful and expressive with a whimsical flair. For example, I love to give my characters expressive eyes and a couple long eyelashes.


  • Graphic designer and illustrator for Nancy’s Notions
  • Graphic designer and illustration intern at Madison Children’s Museum
  • Self-published children’s picture book with an author friend


What animal do you most relate to? 
My spirit animal is a deer because I'm highly sensitive and have a strong intuition with keen senses. I am determined and gentle, and have the ability to move quickly. I strive to handle challenges with grace.

What animal is the most fun to draw?
I love drawing sandhill cranes because of their postures, they live on land and wetlands, and they have lovely flowy feathers.

Which do you prefer: cats or dogs?
Both, I would like a dog who can teach the cat to go for walks with us.

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