Sumit Gill is a freelance illustrator based in Kelowna, BC, Canada, who specializes in floral illustrations and botanical patterns.

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My interest in floral art began during a transformative period in my life when I sought a unique form of expression. Over the years, my expertise in abstract florals has developed due to experimenting with bold colors, and dynamic shapes, and exploring the interplay between chaos and harmony. I nurture this focus by constantly pushing boundaries, embracing unconventional techniques, and drawing inspiration from the organic patterns found in nature. The spontaneity and freedom inherent in abstract florals allow me to explore emotions and convey a sense of energy in my work. I believe it's important to let go of preconceived notions, allowing the intuitive process to guide the creation of vibrant and emotionally resonant compositions. For me, the two most important qualities of a successful abstract floral illustration are a harmonious balance of color contrasts and the ability to create a visual narrative that sparks individual connections. The interplay between bold hues and subtle details forms the core of my artistic expression. I actively look for inspiration around me, study botanical books, and engage with diverse artistic influences. This ensures that my abstract floral illustrations continue to evolve, staying relevant and captivating to both myself and my audience.


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Which flower do you draw the most?
Along with the wildflowers of the Pacific Northwest orchids and tulips are my favorite to draw

What grows in your garden?
Mostly native plants such as Balsam Root, Orange Coneflower, and lavender. I would love to have more variety of plants and flowers but the deers love to munch on them

What do flowers symbolize to you?
Flowers symbolize the language of emotions in vibrant hues.

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