Sofia Daskalaki is a freelance illustrator based in Chania, Greece, who specializes in floral illustrations and botanical patterns.

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My interest in illustration was sparked in early 2018. Over the years, my expertise in crafting vibrant and lively illustrations has flourished due to my passion for color and my love for design. As an illustrator specializing in home decor, apparel, and gift industries, I nurture this focus by staying updated with the latest trends and continuously experimenting with new and unusual color combinations and design elements. What I love most about illustration is the prospect of a smile on people's faces. I love creating unique pieces of art that bring joy to people's lives. To create a successful collaboration, I believe it's essential to understand my clients' needs and use my creativity and expertise to create designs that fulfill their demands and become best- sellers.


    Which flower do you draw the most?
    I draw poppies the most. They're my favorites and quite the crowd-pleasers too! It's like they've won a popularity contest in my sketchbook.

    What grows in your garden?
    My garden is a delightful splash of gouache paint, blooming in hues of vibrant red, cool blue, and a medley of pink and orange. It's teeming with brushes, each one an extension of my creative spirit. Yet, amidst this colorful chaos, I can't help but dream of a real garden, brimming with nature's beauty.

    What do flowers symbolize to you?
    Flowers, to me, symbolize beauty and joy. They're the universe's way of saying 'smile!' Every time I see a bloom, it's an instant mood booster, a splash of color in the canvas of life. Simple, straightforward, and always delightful.

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