Sarah Ward is a freelance illustrator based in Sheffield, UK, who specializes in greeting cards.

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My interest in greetings card began after finishing university, I used to make cards for family and friends which then sparked the idea to make cards and sell them in a few local gift shops. A few years later I saw Hallmark were recruiting so I applied and got a job there—my first design job! I worked for Hallmark for a few years and this is where I developed a greater understanding of the industry and gained a wealth of knowledge and experience working alongside some amazing designers. Since becoming freelance around 14 years ago I could use this knowledge and experience to then work with a number of clients on greetings cards, gift wrap and bags—therefore continuously developing my ideas and art. What I love most about greetings cards is its ability to mix design, illustration and type all together (all of my favourite things!)


  • Hallmark 
  • UK Greetings
  • Partisan Products


What is your favorite occasion to illustrate?
Easter, I love all the spring colours you can work with and the mixture of patterned eggs, florals and characters. It’s not something I work on very often but when I do I always enjoy it. 

Which card do you still keep on your desk?
I have saved all the cards I’ve worked on over the years (when I’ve received samples), but there’s far too many to keep on my desk! So they are all tucked in a box in my studio. I do still have the very first card I illustrated when I started my job at Hallmark.

What is the most unique card you ever created?
I was approached by a Belgian company to create some ’nieuwjaarsbrieven’ - these are ’new years letters’, a tradition where children read a letter with wishes and promises for their parents and/or grandparents on New Years Eve. I had to design a set of cards that the children would write their wishes in. I think it sounds like a lovely idea and tradition, it was something I’d not heard of or worked on before.

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