Sarah Ward is a freelance illustrator based in Sheffield, UK, who specializes in illustrating children’s books and creating artwork for kids.

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My interest in children’s books has always been there, as a child I loved books and would happily spend hours just mesmerised by the pictures. After working as a designer I wanted to get into the world of publishing and signed up with my agent Plum Pudding. Over the past 12 years with Plum Pudding my expertise in children’s books has developed an incredible amount due to the continuous development of my work, the opportunities to work with some wonderful publishers - resulting in having over 100 published titles. To create a successful children’s book illustration I believe it’s important to understand the brief fully, spend time roughing out ideas and being open to feedback and ideas from the editors and designers you are working with - this starts you on the right path and then you just need to create your magic!


  • Lake Press
  • Igloo Books
  • Usborne Books
  • Little Tiger
  • North Parade Publishing


What was your favorite storybook as a child?  
I was a real book worm when I was little and loved anything and everything, the bedtime story I always asked for was The Three Billy Goats Gruff, and I used to have a slight obsession with collecting the Mr Men and Little Miss books.

Which authors do you admire most?
Benji Davies, Chris Haughton, Joe Todd-Stanton, Rachel Bright

What characteristic really brings a children’s book to life?
I think books that have a strong story and can bring to mind emotions and feelings for the reader (whether that’s laughter or sadness) and paired with engaging illustrations that sympathise to the story style… these are the best kind of books! It doesn’t always need to be complicated, sometimes even a simple illustration can help evoke the feelings and tell the story, the words and pictures just need to work in harmony.

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