Sarah Farquhar is a freelance illustrator based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, who specializes in illustrations that feature various lifestyles and activities.

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My interest in illustration began in early childhood, flipping through the colour-soaked pages of great children's book illustrators like Kevin Henkes, Hilary Knight, Barbara Reid and Alice & Martin Provensons. Over the years, this passion only grew stronger and I decided to enroll in the illustration program at OCAD University in Toronto. Since school, I've focused my illustration work largely in editorial and lifestyle illustration. I believe the most important qualities in becoming a successful illustrator are a strong focus on inclusivity and conceptuality. To maintain my artistic skill set I continue to remain curious and play! When it comes to art, there is no end to what can be learned and discovered.  


  • The New York Times
  • The Globe and Mail
  • Reader's Digest
  • Whitman Emorson
  • Collective Arts Brewing 


Do you draw from a model or your imagination? 
I draw from imagination (though I do think it's important as an artist who draws figures to practice life drawing as an exercise every now and then.)

What is your favorite activity to illustrate? 
I love illustrating dancing and swimming, both activities have really expressive/dynamic movement.

Where do you find inspiration for new people and poses?
I love living in cities for this reason. There are so many interesting characters that I observe in my day to day life just by being out and about in my city. A lot of the characters I draw are reflections of real people I've seen, mainly expressed through their fashion and style. 

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