Salli S. Swindell is a freelance illustrator based in Hudson, Ohio, who specializes in greeting cards.

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After graduating college I had a few jobs that were great learning experiences but never felt quite right. In 1984 I was hired as a Line Designer at American Greetings and finally felt like I’d found the perfect job. I loved working with all of the departments, from editorial to manufacturing. I learned so much about the social expressions industry and all of the research that goes into creating each and every card. I met amazing fellow creatives that continue to inspire me. I like creating greeting cards because you truly are helping make the world a better place by keeping people connected. I spent 10 wonderful years working at American Greetings and began freelancing when my first son was born. I’ve continued to create cards for many companies and have been nominated for several Louie Awards and even won a few! There will always be a new market to design for, a new trend to address, and a new occasion to celebrate.


  • American Greetings
  • Design House Greetings
  • Great Arrow Graphics
  • DesignDesign
  • Hallmark
  • Halfpenny Postage


What is your favorite occasion to illustrate?
I like the iconography, colors and messaging for the winter holidays. 

Which card do you still keep on your desk?
Any card with a cat! 

What is the most unique card you ever created?
I created some of the first “pet sympathy” cards on the market. It’s the card I least want to ever need to send but feel that it’s an important occasion for sending a card.

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