Ohn Mar Win is a freelance illustrator based in Hertfordshire UK, who specializes in branding, packaging, and corporate iconography.

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Having been interested in cooking for years my passion for food illustration really began when preparing nourishing meals for my young children. As a seasoned  brand packaging illustrator collaborating with major food brands, I have honed my ability to capture the essence of food, recognizing its power to evoke positive emotions and trigger fond memories. In the realm of branded food illustration, I believe in the importance of conveying the freshness and vitality of the produce, establishing connections with the viewer on multiple levels. My approach centers around the fusion of recognizable shapes and mindful colors, ensuring quick and effective communication in every piece. 

To sustain and elevate my skillset, I immerse myself in a myriad of personal projects, fueled by a genuine interest and fascination with the humble beauty of fruits and vegetables. This commitment to excellence is further exemplified by my continuous refinement of skills through diverse techniques, ranging from expressive ink sketches to vibrant watercolors in my sketchbook. The translation of these raw sketches into stylized and refined masterpieces using Photoshop is a testament to my dedication to delivering visually captivating illustrations. Each project allows for exploration and growth, helping me to push the boundaries of creativity and innovation in brand packaging illustration. My goal is to not only create visually stunning works but also to leave a lasting impression that resonates with the viewers.


  • Tesco UK
  • Publix Supermarkets
  • Covent Garden Soup Company
  • Mornflake


What is your favorite logo?
Amnesty International

Which brand do you most admire for its use of illustration?
Mailchimp is really innovative

What packaging would be your dream job?
Fresh fruit-flavoured water or yogurts for a major supermarket 

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