Natalia Zlateva is a freelance illustrator based in Frankfurt, Germany, who specializes in illustrated maps and travel-themed artwork.

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My interest in mapmaking began about 8 years ago when I started sketching our travels and creating a drawing for each place we visited. Over the years my expertise in map illustration has developed through my data gathering workflow, my proven creative process and my ability to think abstractly and visualize with just enough detail the most important and iconic features of the maps or plans I am illustrating. What I love most about map illustration is the opportunity to learn about new places through my research and to show their beauty to others in an engaging and accurate way.


  • Disco Pogo
  • Minimaps


What is your most memorable vacation spot?
My most memorable vacation spot is the island of Cuba. It was quite an adventure as we went around the island on our own. I was fascinated by the nature, the beautiful old architecture, the history, the extremely friendly and warm people and the large number of vintage cars that have been given a second life and are still on the road.

What is your favorite mode of transportation?
I like travelling by train. First of all, it is more comfortable than a bus or a car. Secondly, I can use the time to draw and thirdly, the monotonous movement and sound is like a meditation for me and I can let my thoughts run free. 

Which do you prefer: mountains, desert, beach, or forest?
I love vast expanses of water and can't resist the possibility of taking a dip in the ocean, sea, lake or river. I love staring at the open horizon, watching the waves and the sparkling water reflections, following the seagulls or just listening to the relaxing sound of the sea.

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