Lynsey Johnstone is a freelance illustrator based in Plymouth, UK, who specializes in floral illustrations and botanical patterns.

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My passion for flowers and plants was ignited in my early years, captivated by the beauty and intense colours of my grandmother’s garden. Over the years, my expertise in bright florals has blossomed through experimenting with bold and vivid colours, playing with textures, and exploring various techniques and styles. 

As I matured, viewing collections of art on products inspired me to pursue a path as a licensed artist. This ambition led me to create cohesive collections that reflect my unique style, inspired by nature’s bright colours, textures, and patterns, all imbued with a humble, heartfelt touch. I specialize in illustration, product design, and surface pattern design, utilizing traditional media such as gouache and watercolours, alongside digital media, to craft fresh and versatile illustrations.

What I love most about creating cohesive collections is their ability to tell a story. To create successful floral illustrations, I believe it is essential to continually nurture my skill set. I commit to drawing or painting daily, studying flowers for reference, engaging my imagination, and refining my artistic skills. This dedication allows me to consistently produce art that resonates with vibrancy and life.


  • Lesser and Pavey Ltd
  • Victors Restaurants 


Which flower do you draw the most?
Alliums and daisies 

What grows in your garden?
I have tree ferns, alliums, lupins, foxgloves, geraniums and dahlias.

What do flowers symbolize to you?
For me, flowers symbolize joy and nurture.

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