Luciana Guadalupe Torre is a freelance illustrator based in Lucca, Italy, who specializes in floral illustrations and botanical patterns.

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I’m Luciana, a fine artist and illustrator, freelance graphic designer, and surface pattern designer with a passion for hand-drawn lettering. As an illustrator who specializes in watercolor floral illustration and hand-painted botanical designs, I nurture this niche by observing growth patterns in nature, real flowers, birds and butterflies, while also researching a variety of historical floral styles.

As a commercial artist who creates joyful and flowery art for products, I love to draw the floral version of any motif—with a ‘botanical touch’ everything looks more alive and beautiful. What I like the most is illustrating imaginary flowers and fairy butterflies that sprout spontaneously in my imagination! I specially enjoy painting botanical butterflies and winged flowers to celebrate that life is a dance!


Which flower do you draw the most?
The flowers I draw the most are poppies and tulips in different poetic versions, and also 'my kind’ of imaginary flower with Arabesque lines.

What grows in your garden?
In my garden I grow jasmine, lemon and fig trees, poppies, creepers, wildflowers, and little palms. 

What do flowers symbolize to you?
For me, flowers symbolize the most delicate form of beauty that exists. The botanical world is dressed in living colors that spread scented art and incredible color palettes!

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