Lisa Anderson is a freelance illustrator based in Seattle, Washington, who specializes in floral illustrations and botanical patterns.

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I spent most of my childhood in the garden and it filled me with wonder, from the tiniest seed to the largest pumpkin. Sketching has been my way of appreciating nature while building my understanding at the same time. As an illustrator I specialize in florals and plants and I nurture this focus by experimenting and painting in season plants. I’ve had the opportunity to live in Italy, and my experience at the farmer’s markets deepens my fascination with fruits, vegetables, plants and flowers. I love sharing the shapes, forms, colors and other unique qualities that make up every plant.  Being an illustrator is about process, observation and wonder. The two most important qualities of a successful floral and plant illustrator is persistence and curiosity. I also enjoy promoting and sharing my work and connecting with others. Drawing is a way of connecting to what matters most to me and it is a joy to see it out in the world.


  • Pure Juicer
  • Slow Food International
  • Windrow Estate    


Which is your favorite flower?
I draw poppies the most. Red, Icelandic and California poppies are so delicate and strong at the same time. 

What grows in your garden?
I grow tomatoes, sugar snap peas and lots of herbs. 

Which flowers/plants do you draw the most?  
Flowers symbolize grace and strength to me. Their color, shape and translucency are dynamic and uplifting. 

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