Lauren Lowen is a freelance illustrator based in Nashville, Tennessee, who specializes in greeting cards.

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My interest in greeting cards began when I started working as an in-house designer at C.R. Gibson many moons ago. It was there that I realized my humor was a perfect match for art licensing and cards. Over the years, my expertise in it has developed due to being able to work with some of the top stationery and greeting card publishers out there . As an illustrator who specializes in humor, I nurture this focus by constantly exploring ideas and sentiments no matter how goofy or silly they are. You never know where an idea will take you! The aspect I love most about greeting cards is their ability to make people laugh or feel emotion deeply. Whether it be words of support, happiness, or grace, a card can help convey a message in a special way. I believe it's important to think about what YOU would want to receive from someone. For me, the two most important qualities of a successful greeting card illustration are the message and execution of the supporting art. I am constantly exploring new colors, ideas, and characters to help people express themselves!


  • American Greetings
  • Scholastic Klutz
  • Sellers Publishing


What is your favorite occasion to illustrate?  Birthdays and Friendship.

Which card do you still keep on your desk? Anything my husband gives me.

What is the most unique card you ever created? 
One with a fire-breathing panda on it with the message "I hope your Birthday is 100% PANDAMONIUM."

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