Karolina Kierat is a freelance illustrator based in Krakow, Poland, who specializes in architectural renderings and building illustrations.

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My interest in architectural illustration began in high school when I decided to study architecture. Over the years, my expertise in architecture has developed due to my five years of architectural studies when I practiced perspective drawing and my architectural jobs when I prepared documentation involving hand drawn elevations and three dimensional drawings. As an illustrator who specializes in architecture I nurture this focus by practicing every day, staying interested in architectural topics, travelling, doing city breaks, admiring historical and modern architecture. What I love most about architecture is its ability to influence people’s lives and survive generations. To create a successful architecture illustration I believe it’s important to master perspective drawing and to be able to show the atmosphere around the building and to present a story, to make it look alive. For me, the two most important qualities of a successful architecture illustration are proportions and light. To maintain my skill set I sketch architecture every day. Apart from practice, for me it is a form of relaxation.


  • La Bagatela Bistro, Gdansk
  • Take Sunset Real Estate, Los Angeles
  • Various private clients


What city has your favorite architecture?
My favourite city to draw architecture is Venice.  

What is your favorite building?
My favourite building is St. Mark's Basilica.

Which do you prefer: modern or classical?
I prefer classical architecture.

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