Julia Gash is a freelance illustrator based in Eastbourne, East Sussex, UK, who specializes in architectural renderings and interior design illustrations.

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I am a directional designer, creative entrepreneur, and founder of an eponymous, British lifestyle brand. Through my artwork I combine my two passions: travel and art. I celebrate the unique culture and iconic landscape of a location, through a playful and honest vision. I license my artwork to a curated portfolio of manufacturers, that print my spirited map themed illustrations onto sustainable and stylish souvenirs, textiles and homewares. Ask me to love up your local and celebrate your city in style! I believe that the most important quality in an artist is authenticity and the joy of discovery, through art.


  • World Duty Free Group
  • National Gallery of Art (UK)
  • Arc D’Triomphe
  • Warner Bros. Studios
  • Brown University


What city has your favorite architecture?
Probably Chicago. I went on a river cruise and was wowed by the amazing architecture and history surrounding the ambitious, sky-high buildings.

What is your favorite building?
I’m a big fan of the Arts and Crafts movement in Britain. Coleton Fishacre in Devon is an example of this architectural style. Built for the D’Oly Carte family (who produced the Gilbert and Sullivan operettas in the early 20th century), the décor radiates the “Jazz Age” elegance and Art Deco inspired interiors. 

Which do you prefer: modern or classical?
I love buildings from all ages including contemporary structures—where I live in the UK has lots of architecture going back through the ages. My local pub was built in 1180. That’s old and I love that people have walked through the door for over a thousand years!

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