John Ravi is a freelance illustrator based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, who specializes in branding, packaging, and corporate iconography.

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As an illustrator who specializes in brand illustrations, I love to bring brands to life by transforming ideas into compelling visuals that amplify the brand’s messaging. To create an impactful illustration I believe it’s important to blend visual storytelling and strategic communication. I want my illustrations to enhance a brand’s identity to convey it’s essence. My illustrations act as powerful tools, fostering brand recognition and a lasting emotional connection with the consumer. 


  • Wondery
  • Martell Cognac
  • BIC Lighters


What is your favorite logo?
The Starbucks logo. I love illustrated logos and to me this one stands out from the rest. The logo is well-balanced and has a lot of detailing to keep you intrigued. The smile of the siren communicates warmth and friendliness.

Which brand do you most admire for its use of illustration?
Chumbak is an Indian brand that uses illustrations across it various products. The illustrations are playful and very relatable to everyday life in India. They are pioneers in the Indian e-commerce space and continue to do so. 

What packaging would be your dream job?
My dream packaging job would be to illustrate a beer can or label. There’s something about drinking beer from an illustrated beer can that sets it apart from the rest. I love beer and nothing would bring me more joy than seeing both these worlds collide in my work.

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