Jennifer Skopp is a freelance illustrator based in Springfield, New Jersey, who specializes in home portraits.

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My interest in creating watercolor house portraits began early on during the pandemic. I was stuck in the house and had extra time, so I did a painting of my home and thought maybe I could paint these for people looking for a special gift. House portraits are perfect for people buying or selling their home—I learned that realtors sometimes give these as closing gifts. Over the years, my expertise in painting house portraits has developed due to creating many of them and feeling more comfortable drawing things in the correct perspective. I nurture this focus by observing different types of architecture used for homes and the varieties of landscaping that people have. What I love most about painting watercolor house portraits is getting to know the history of the homes and the families that lived there. I believe it’s important to communicate with the person who’s giving you the assignment. Often that person has an idea of what they want to include and emphasize. It’s a rewarding experience when you feel like you’re collaborating with the person who hired you. Also, it’s important to have good photographs for reference. For me, the two most important qualities of a successful House Portrait are having bright colors and lush landscaping. To maintain my skill set, I continue to draw different types of houses in my sketchbook.


  • Coldwell Banker Realty
  • Keller Williams Realty, Inc.
  • Modern Realty Group


What is your favorite style of architecture?
My favorite style of architecture is Victorian.

Which do you prefer: country living or city life?
I spent most of my life living in the city, but the last few years in a suburb. I never thought I’d say this but, I enjoy living in a suburb, because I can go to the city by train when I want and life overall is more calm.

What feature most gives a house personality?
The architecture of a house gives it the most personality.

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