Jen Russell-Smith is a freelance illustrator based in London, UK, who specializes in architectural renderings and interior design illustrations.

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I've always loved buildings and architecture, not as a science but as art -- how they create a sense of space and history, and the atmosphere of a location. I started primarily drawing house portraits, but have expanded this into business, venues and street scenes; places that carry a special memory of an event, or encapsulate the spirit of an organisation. Over the last ten years,  I've completed more than a thousand house, venue and location portraits, each one adding another brick or tile to my expertise in capturing the personality hidden inside the walls. I've drawn a huge variety of places, from a 100+ year old cottage, to a tiny Welsh chapel, to modern apartments buildings and glorious stately homes.

I love how an illustration can capture so much more than a simple photo, and aim to do that for my clients. By listening carefully to their requirements and the important details they need to communicate, we work collaboratively to create an illustration that tells a story.

My eye is consantly drawn to buildings, wherever I go. I keep a sketchbook for looser, more experimental work, and often find the ideas and fleeting obsessions captured within are refined and reflected into my commissioned work. Plus I'm always happy to try something more unusual or original to explore a client's brief or vision. 


  • Amy Stoddard Studio, London
  • Forward Interiors, Toronto
  • Glosters Pottery, Porthmadog
  • Darlish Ice Cream, UK


What city has your favorite architecture? 
I have to say London, as I've lived in or nearby for the last fifteen years. I love the mixture of the ancient and modern, and how the architecture acts as a visual record of the stories of the past.

What is your favorite building?
Oh, I couldn't pick! I always have a soft spot for Hampton Court Palace, and the buildings tucked in the corners of the Cathedral Close in Salisbury have a unshakeble place in my heart. 

Which do you prefer: modern or classical?
It has to be classical, as there just tends to be more detail to capture. But the simpler lines of modern buildings can feel like a lovely, clean, fresh change for my pen!

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