Janette Hill is a freelance illustrator based in Mount Pleasant, Wisconsin, who specializes in illustrating children’s books and creating artwork for kids.

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As a child, the ambition to be an artist was met with raised a eyebrow and a 'good luck with that' look. I love that fact that I now do exactly what I set out to! As a self-taught illustrator, I specialize in creating digital children's book illustrations. I work with self-published authors and publishing houses in the UK and US, and to date, have illustrated over 30 children's books.


  • Red Robin Books Ltd
  • Wacky Bee Books
  • Jason Hammerberg
  • Monika Strand


What was your favorite storybook as a child?
I loved the Richard Scarry books, I think the detail on the super busy illustrations absolutely fascinated me as a child. I really enjoyed finding hidden details.

Which authors do you admire most?
Such a hard question to answer! I would have to say JK Rowling though, simply because of her sheer determination and belief in herself to keep going after so much rejection. That's so inspiring to me.

What characteristic really brings a children’s book to life?
As an illustrator, I have to say the artwork, right!? :) But, ultimately, the whole thing—fabulous storytelling with strong, memorable characters, magical illustration, and thoughtful design and layout. When the text design enhances the story, and works in harmony with the art, it all comes together to create something wonderful.

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