Helen Wallace is a freelance illustrator based in South Yorkshire, UK, who specializes in illustrated maps and travel-themed artwork.

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My interest in map illustration began when illustrating a new city I had moved to as a way for me to understand where everything was. From there I became hooked on creating individual worlds within my work. What I love most about map illustration is its ability to transport you to a place and lose you within its walls or streets. I particularly enjoy adding in the characters and smaller details that really bring a place to life and charm you with the details. Each map becomes a unique storytelling canvas, weaving together personality, geography and aesthetics. 


  • Belvoir Castle
  • Stamford School
  • Retreat East
  • Huntingdon First
  • Port Regis School


What is your most memorable vacation spot?
Mexico, watching pelicans catching fish in the Caribbean Sea and hummingbirds collect nectar from the flowers in the tree in the garden.

What is your favorite mode of transportation?
By foot! I would always prefer to walk somewhere if I can. I find you can discover a place much better on foot. 

Which do you prefer: mountains, desert, beach, or forest?
Each are their own wonderland but I think mountains for their scale are my favourite. I live close to the Peak District and love to stand on top of a peak and feel in awe of the natural land around me. 

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