Heather Miller is a freelance illustrator based in Detroit, Michigan, who specializes in greeting cards.

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My interest in greeting cards began when I was a young artist in middle school making cards and keepsakes for people I cared about. As an anxious human, I discovered making cards helped me express myself. Over the years, my expertise in greeting cards and social expression has developed due to my creative journey leading me to surface design and art licensing. I create heartfelt, colorful illustrations to connect, share hope, and let people know that someone is thinking of them. As an illustrator specializing in holiday and everyday occasions, I nurture this focus by keeping an ongoing “Idea Log” to track my thoughts. I’m inspired by feelings, my friends, and daily moments. What I love most about greeting cards is their ability to acknowledge life events—like a time capsule. They act as reminders of happiness, love, celebration, support, and everything in between. To create a successful greeting card illustration, it’s important to have someone in mind when you’re creating the design. For me, the two most important qualities of a successful greeting card illustration are that it feels personalized to its recipient and the message expresses an emotion. To maintain my skillset, I’m always practicing my illustration skills with a course and love to experiment with art supplies and techniques in my sketchbook. 


  • The Detroit Institute of Arts
  • Saturn Coffee
  • Lagunitas Brewing Co.
  • custom wedding stationery for private clients 


What is your favorite occasion to illustrate?
Love and Friendship, but I’ll never say no to a Celebratory or Party moment.

Which card do you still keep on your desk? 
A Halloween/Anniversary card from my partner, but I have a healthy collection of cards I’ve saved from friends and family.

What is the most unique card you ever created?
I got to create a whole custom wedding invitation suite! The invitation featured a removable coaster that guests received as a keepsake to commemorate the special day.

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