Gwendoline Le Cunff is a freelance illustrator based in Montreal, Canada, who specializes in hand-drawn typography and custom lettering.

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My interest in lettering began as soon as I learned how to write, as I have always enjoyed the process of writing and calligraphy. Over the years, my expertise in lettering has developed due to a constant choice of using hand lettering over regular fonts in most of my projects. I nurture this focus by observing the lettering all around me in my daily life, on packagings, storefronts, etc. What I love most about lettering is its ability to convey the meaning of a word without even having to read it, thanks to the personality it gives to the word. To create a successful lettering illustration I believe it is important to have a large reference knowledge and understand how the different kinds of lettering are perceived by the public. For me, the two most important qualities of a successful lettering illustration are legibility and expressivity. To maintain my skillset I regularly try new mediums and see how they impact the look and feel of letters and text.


What is your favorite letter in the alphabet?
It’s a tie between A and R.

What is your favorite quote? 
He who hurries can not walk with dignity.
What writing tool do you use?

Pencils, soft calligraphy pens, and precision brushes.

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