Danielle Rose Fisher is a freelance illustrator based in Brooklyn, New York, who specializes in illustrations for the fashion and beauty industries.

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My interest in art began as soon as I could hold a pencil. 
Over the years, my expertise in illustration has developed due to my love of New York City culture, fashion and lifestyle. 
As an illustrator who specializes in fashion, I nurture this focus by keeping up with the trends and whats happening in the industry. Magazines are my best friends and can't have enough to reference for inspiration. 
What I love most about watercolor is its ability to blend with water and keep me guessing as to what it will do on the paper. To create a successful fashion illustrations, I believe its important to not think too hard, and allow for the beauty to be captured through spontaneity of watercolors. 
For me, the two most important qualities of a successful fashion illustration are fluidity and spontaneity. 
To maintain my skillset I challenge myself, and try new approaches and make sure to always seek new inspiration to keep my work fresh. 


  • Stacy Garcia Inc.
  • Women@Work
  • Amerta Beauty 


Which do you prefer: cozy or glamorous? 
Glamorous! I love a reason to illustration up and rock loud accessories. 

What is your favorite fashion time period?
1960's, I love the mix between the Jackie O style, swinging London and Hippie styles. 

What brand do you admire most?
High fashion, Alexander McQueen. But I am more of a independent brand supporter and love smaller upcoming fashions brands! 

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