Cynthia Jacquette is a freelance illustrator based in Los Angeles, California, who specializes in illustrated maps and travel-themed artwork.

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My interest in map illustration began when I created a map of some neighborhood restaurants for a Los Angeles shop. As an illustrator with wanderlust, I nurture my focus by creating maps of places I’ve travelled and places I have yet to travel. Over the years, I discovered that what I love most about illustrating maps is the ability to tell rich stories through the intersection of location, landmarks, icons, lettering, and characters. For me, a successful map illustration is one that informs, delights, and as a result, gifts the viewer the yearning to visit in real life!


  • Antaeus Theatre Company
  • Design House Greetings
  • Gibbs-Smith
  • Morris Park Business Improvement District
  • NoMoon Travel


What is your most memorable vacation spot?
Australia: I love how it’s similar enough to the US and UK to feel familiar, but with subtle (and not so subtle) differences around each corner waiting to surprise and delight!

What is your favorite mode of transportation?
Train: I love waiting on the platform people-watching, the satisfaction of an arriving train, and the clickity clack of the wheels hitting the tracks. 

Which do you prefer: mountains, desert, beach, or forest?
Beach: Being at the beach always feels like “a day off” for me—where the sky, surf and sand converge = a portal to my place of calm.

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