Connie Resch is a freelance illustrator based in Woodinville, Washington, who specializes in animal and wildlife illustrations.

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With an unconventional background in biology and chemistry, and being a true Naturalist at heart, my illustrations are motivated by a passion for capturing the intricate beauty and fascinating details of life on Earth. My interest in natural science took root at a young age, as I've always lived close to nature in the Pacific Northwest. Drawing inspiration from 19th-century pioneers of Naturalist illustration like Ernst Haeckel, Marianne North, and Edward Lear, I aspire to follow in their footsteps. I believe that a successful nature-based illustration requires a deep understanding of the subject, which for me often means doing thorough research before starting. 


  • True South Puzzle
  • Chicken Scratch Books
  • Science for the People Magazine


What animal do you most relate to? 
As an INFJ personality type, I think I most relate to an octopus as they are very sensitive and intelligent creatures. Octopuses are generally solitary but they do enjoy companionship and like to play. They are also very empathetic and will make huge sacrifices for their young. Also, I just think octopuses are amazing creatures!  

What animal is the most fun to draw?
I have the most fun drawing birds, there are so many different species and they are all so unique! They are also technically dinosaurs, so, isn’t that fun to think about?

Which do you prefer: cats or dogs?
I am a dog person myself, but I do have both a cat and a dog at home. My dog has been my faithful companion for over a decade and I love that I can take her to with me places. The cat has grown on me over the years, but I am not a fan of the fur and I am convinced that he has nefarious intentions.

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