Cindy Salans Rosenheim is a freelance illustrator based in San Francisco, California, who specializes in illustrated recipes and food illustration.

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I began by sketching at Farmers Markets years ago. Fresh, organic vegetables, fruits, breads, desserts and sparkling wines were enticing subjects. Over the years my expertise in food illustration developed with a cookbook assignment from Random House Publishing where I illustrated fifty pages of appetizing recipes. I have also provided food illustrations for magazines, greeting cards and restaurants.
I nurture this focus through ongoing work for corporate and publishing clients and by continuing to draw fresh market produce and scrumptious bakery goods from life.
What I love most about illustrating food is the ability to highlight and glorify the most appealing and delicious-looking aspects of a dish, be it a perfect apple or a luscious wedding cake. I believe it’s important to inject sparkle and energy into an otherwise still object. It should look alive! For me, the two most important qualities of any successful food illustration are a recognisable likeness of the subject and most importantly, making it look irresistibly beautiful and delicious! To maintain my skillset, I continue to sketch at Farmers’ Markets and to post food and drink work on social media.  


  • Broadway Books
  • Random House La Tavola, San Francisco
  • Center for Urban Education about Sustainable Agriculture (CUESA) 
  • The Absinthe Group


What fruit or vegetable do you most love to illustrate?
I love to illustrate vegetables and fruits that move easily like lettuces, greens and bunches of grapes or berries though, truthfully, I love illustrating all fruits and vegetables. 

What is your comfort food?
My comfort food is a bowl of oatmeal piled high with fruits and nuts. Ice cream will work too!

What is your favorite beverage?
My favorite beverage is an Italian Spritz made with Prosecco and a splash of yummy, bitter Campari.

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