Cindy Salans Rosenheim is a freelance illustrator based in San Francisco, California, who specializes in floral illustrations and botanical artwork.

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My interest in florals and plants began as a child, nestled in the grass, making daisy chains. Over the years, my expertise has developed due to working as an illustrator for Hallmark cards amid great floral artists and has continued through detailed illustrations of farmers market scenes and garden cookbook illustration. As an illustrator who specialises in florals and plants I nurture this focus by drawing and painting in lush gardens, nurseries and forests. Trees are a magical subject. What I love most about florals and plants is their varied and lively shapes and colors and that they are alive and always in motion, no matter how slight. I believe it’s important to observe the plant closely in order to catch it’s intricate detail as well as its growth and movement patterns. For me, the two most important qualities of a successful plant and floral illustration are its unique movement and its magnificent structure. Plants are very much alive and need to dance! I am genuinely drawn to the natural world and delight in putting pencil, pen, watercolour to paper to capture flowers and plants whenever I have the chance. No scene that I paint, be an architectural, urban or people-oriented one, is complete without a tree, flower or tuft of grass to make its sing.


  • Asher Student Foundation 
  • Prometheus Real Estate Group 
  • Broadway Books, Random House 
  • Equity Office Properties Trust 
  • Marie Fisher Design


Which flower do you draw the most?
I draw all flowers but love to draw and paint wild flowers and flowering herbs.

What grows in your garden?
My garden has herbs like rosemary and sage but also a magnolia, fig and Japanese snow drop tree. There are also pink and iceberg white roses and many other flowering plants.

What do flowers symbolize to you?
For me, flowers symbolise the cycle of life. Baby sprigs burst through the earth, bloom into mature and beautiful flowers, pollinate the earth for others to grow and thrive and finally wither and gently return to the soil.

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