Cindy Salans Rosenheim is a freelance illustrator based in San Francisco, California, who specializes in architectural renderings and building illustrations.

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I’ve drawn all my life. When I was young I loved to sketch the timeworn Victorian houses in San Francisco, my home town.
Over the years, my expertise in portraying all manners of architecture has grown due to steady commissions and assignments from companies, agencies, publishing houses and individuals. I’ve illustrated corporate buildings, churches, Victorian and Edwardian homes, cityscapes, and more.
As an illustrator who specializes in architecture I nurture this focus by drawing from life, on-site, on a regular basis. I also post samples of my murals, paintings and commissions on social media. What I love most about jobs that involve architecture is the freedom to infuse the architectural illustration with an animated and colourful character. To me, every architectural structure has a personality. I believe it’s important to carefully observe the structure, find its outstanding features and to highlight them in a fun and compelling way. For me, the two most important qualities of a successful architectural illustration are an accurate likeness to the subject and a playfulness that brings the piece to life.


  • Prometheus Real Estate Group
  • Italo Americano Museum
  • Broadway Books, Random House
  • American Girl Publishing
  • Ravensburger Puzzles


What city has your favorite architecture?
My favorite cities for architecture vie between Paris, Venice, and San Francisco.

What is your favorite building?
My favourite buildings are older, classical ones like Sacre-Coeur in Paris.

Which do you prefer: modern or classical?
I love to illustrate all buildings but I do love the older, classical and highly-detailed ones.

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